Secure Document Shredding

Leaders in Confidential Document Destruction

Secure, efficient Document Shredding and Product destruction solutions at a very competitive price.
Document Shredding
In Confidence will issue your company a certificate of secure document shredding. Many industries will benefit from this process.
Product Destruction
In Confidence can destruct most products such as uniforms, footwear, glass wear, and old computer hard drives.
Why Shred
Businesses, companies and corporations must protect their intellectual property in order to be able to compete and also to survive.
E Waste Destruction
What separates a basic recycling company from us is that we shred before we recycle. Avoid data breaches with electronic shredding.
The industries we service include
  • education iconEducation
  • legal iconLegal
  • government iconGovernment
  • banking iconBanking
  • medical iconMedical
  • fashion iconFashion
  • retail iconRetail
  • electronics iconElectronics
Our Services in secure destruction

Document Destruction

With over 20 years’ experience in document destruction, InConfidence offers secure document shredding to help safeguard your business. Our machines are equipped to shred up to 5 tonnes per hour, giving our clients the added convenience of not needing to remove any bulldog clips, binders or plastic sleeves prior to destruction. Your documents will pass through 2 large industrial shredder machines which will process your documents into as little as 14mm in size.

Product Destruction

Our destruction service extends to a variety of products, including clothing, CD’s/media, hard drives, computers and other e-waste. Unlike landfill, product shredding guarantees the secure destruction of your products so that they can never be utilised or viewed again. InConfidence also offers specialised security shredding, using granulators with screen sizes down to 3mm for the highest demands. Once your product is shredded in most cases it can then be recycled helping to protect our environment.

Electronic Shredding

In Confidence offers a complete range of e-waste destruction services in Melbourne. We destroy your electronic products in a secure environment to protect your privacy and ensure complete destruction of any sensitive information contained within these devices. We offer secure e-waste destruction services on a needs basis or by regularly scheduled pick-ups if required.
Our clients experience with us
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All New Paper Shredded paper collecting
All new paper has been collecting shredded paper from InConfidence for more than 10 years.
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Prosegur Documents, uniforms, footwear destruction
Prosegur is a leader in cash collection services.
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Badawy Large & Powers Intellectual Property Destruction
Badawy Large & Powers used In Confidence since 2002 for the removal and destruction of documents.
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