Why Recycling Paper is Good
January 20, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

Different kinds of Paper are used in different ways every minute of the day. It is used by all the people from all walks of life. Every now and then tons of waste papers can be seen anywhere or in the garbage dumpsite or even in the garbage can or trash can. A recycling bin is also full of crumpled papers or waste papers. If all of these waste papers will be kept and saved in the dumpsite our place would already be full of waste papers which can really be a big problem for our community. However, this kind of problem has been resolved by recycling the waste papers. The waste paper recycling process is now used to help solve the garbage disposal problems.

Waste paper recycling is a process wherein the waste paper is processed to produce a new and ready to use paper and other paper products. This waste paper recycling process can really help minimize the cost of making or manufacturing paper. We have known that paper is made from wood and other chemicals. Every now and then many trees are cut down and if all the people, especially the government sector will not do anything about the rampant cutting down of trees, our environment will be greatly affected. In line with this problem, the waste paper recycling process can really help minimize or reduced cutting down of trees.

We have known the importance of trees in our environment. Trees can help prevent flooding and it can also make the air we breathe fresh and clean. However, if more and more trees will be cut down our environment will be gravely affected. Because of these, some paper companies plant their own trees which they can use to make paper. Once a tree is cut down for processing, the company sees it that another tree is planted to replace the tree that was cut down. The waste paper recycling process can help reduce some environmental problems like air and water pollution, which is caused by manufacturing or processing of papers. While the tree is used for manufacturing paper, the manufacturer also used chemicals in the whole manufacturing process. Said chemicals are limestone, sulfur and bleach. The byproducts of these chemicals can be dangerous to our health; hence, it should be disposed properly. We have known that as the paper starts to decompose it will produce methane gas or greenhouse gases which can be harmful to our environment and which can also affect climate change.

Another important benefit that we can get from recycling is that it can help minimize waste in landfills. The waste paper recycling can also help save energy consumption and water consumption. Hence, we can really say that the waste paper recycling is very beneficial to all of us.  While paper manufacturing is expensive, waste paper recycling cost less and can be environmentally friendly.

Not all the papers can be recycled such as: gift wrap and paper coated with aluminum and plastic. However, there is a process which can be used to recycle the said materials, but the said process is more expensive than the conventional way of processing which is now used. On the other hand, papers that can be recycled are plain white paper, newspaper, cardboard, construction paper and magazines. This recyclable paper is considered a low graded paper.

Waste paper recycling is less expensive than manufacturing paper. This process can also make our environment clean and healthy. More so, the waste paper recycling process can also help us save trees which can help prevent some natural calamities which can happen anytime.