Introduction to Document Shredding
January 20, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

To keep information from getting out to people, removal methods are put in place. These methods are important to getting rid of unwanted information. Document shredding, specifically, involves a safe method to remove a build up of too much information. One of the main ways of going about this is Mobile shredding. In this version, trucks have shredders installed that automatically shreds any paper or material put in. It is the quickest method known and allows for a large amount of material to get shredded.

The second method is slower, but less risky. It is called, off-site document shredding, and is done in a location away from the main building. It is much more safe and less risky. This method is used mostly by larger companies. The material are usually put in a truck or something of the sort and hauled away to a different location.

The two different ways come with there own advantages and disadvantages. Utilizing off-site shredding means having more trust with various companies that work off-site. This is inline with larger companies, whilst small companies do not have as much credibility. Having off-site shredding not only reduces risk, but helps save costs.

Non-fiber products such as DVD’s and other electronics are more difficult. The need for non-fiber shredding has steadily been increasing. Think credit cards. More sophisticated companies are started to change their strategy. Remaining on top requires adaption to various needs. “Degaussing” is the new way of shredding non-fiber materials. The method is increasingly being used alongside many document shredding sites. This is the more standard method for non-fiber shredding.

Shredding that is done off-site is usually handled, at first, by company representatives. This is because of low trust in the company. When dealing with highly sensitive information, trust is a must. A company that is starting out has to take the time to build proper trust with people. Larger companies require less representative visits. This whole process can take a long time. Until the client is satisfied that everything is safely eliminated, the transaction isn’t finalized.

Finding companies that will successfully eliminate any unwanted information is tough. While many large companies offer many services, they are usually expensive. Smaller companies are just starting and trust, again, is low. Experimentation is a must. Start out with a company and see how they perform. Everything should be safe and secure. No documents or materials should be intact and able to be put back together. Document shredding has its own set of rules and guidelines that many must follow. Information that must be removed can’t be taken lightly. Large volumes of data take time to be safely eliminated. The Document Shredding Buyers’ Guide offers useful information on how this procedure works and how it should be followed. It includes useful terminology that should be understood. Things that should be done and should not be done. Properly eliminating information takes time and knowledge. Document shredding, on the surface, may look simple, but in reality is highly complicated.