Why Hire Inconfidence as your Document Destruction Company?
December 3, 2015
Posted by JD Stride

A clean and secure workspace is the best area to run a business efficiently. Many companies can be ill-informed when it comes to the significance of document shredding and how it can protect their business. Hiring a document destruction company is one of the best decisions a company can make in the process of destroying documents.

Not only will document destruction protect your employees, your customer’s information will be safeguarded as well, giving them a sense of trust in your business.

Effective Business Protection

While using an in-store shredder is effective in document disposal, it does not ensure the highest level of security available. The documents, that may contain vulnerable information about your business, still reside in the building. These documents, although shredded, still hold the potentiality of causing harm to businesses, as these documents are still accessible.

Shredding papers is an on-going task in the workplace, as new papers constantly arise, the task can sometimes be forgotten or overlooked with the papers simply being thrown away. You never want to store or keep data in-house as it exposes harmful information to the public.

It is best to safely store documents together, in a secure location, away from your building. The security of documents is important as it is so easy to misplace or simply forget about significant documents. The longer it takes to get rid of these documents the higher the probability of losing them.

Higher Work Productivity

Without the need to worry about paper shredding, you and your employees have more time to handle other important business tasks. All of your document needs are taken care of, and pesky file sorting, destruction, and filing are all a thing of the past.

The destruction of paper, paves the way for an organized and clean workspace, allowing your employees to work efficiently and effectively.

Cost Effective Services

Many businesses believe that taking advantage of the services of a document destruction company is both expensive and useless. Hiring a professional document shredding company is cost effective for your business in many ways. Document shredding could save you from your next data breach, saving you from hundreds or thousands of dollars spent each breach. Because document destruction companies are equipped with higher quality shredding devices, documents can be destroyed in bulk, saving you both time and money. There are also expenses in purchasing and maintaining in-office document shredders that could be avoided.

It’s the Law

It is required of every business, in accordance of the HIPAA and FACTA laws, to protect sensitive information and the privacy of their customers and employees. It is mandatory for all documents that propose no need to be disposed of immediately and properly. Throwing them away in a trash can is labeled as a negligent act to these laws. The best way to take this action is to hire a professional document destruction company.

Easy Storage

Document storage can be a hassle. Document destruction companies will also provide an easy method to storing and filing documents before sending them to be destroyed.

InConfidence is proud to offer solutions that will present your business with an efficient, eco-friendly way to manage documents.