Benefits of Data Destruction
January 19, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

Have you ever heard of identity thieves?  Has it ever happened to you that your credit card has one too many charges?  Have you ever experienced having an empty debit card or maxed-out credit card for no reason at all?  Were you charged for things you didn’t buy or was suddenly on a foreign trip even if you were not booked? Well then, if even one of these experiences occurred to you, you may be having identity theft problems.

identity thieves use your personal data or account to rob you of your money electronically.  Today’s information technology enables us to bank, transact, and buy and sell online.  However, crooked techies have also upped their skills to a whole new level.. They don’t just steal your money, they steal your identity.  In the end, if you’re not careful and you you’re not taking any precautions, you might end up bankrupt.

Business corporations are not exempted from these attacks.  The fact is, they are probably more exposed to such risks.  Daily business transactions, records and archives, bills, and legal documents come to the office day in and day out.  However, as files start to pile-up, some companies haphazardly throw them in the trash bin.  It’s a gold mine for dump diggers and those that are engaged in corporate espionage or those that wish to tarnish your business reputation.

Hard copies of your transaction are one thing, but you must also consider the soft copy of these documents.  Digitally stored data can be a potent threat to a company’s security.  These data can be recovered, manipulated or forged, and then used to blackmail your company.

Data destruction must be an inherent part of your company’s policy and system.  It gives you more control on the type of information that comes out of your office, whether intentionally or accidentally.  Digital data can leak from your company through a simple warranty check outside the office or through resale of old equipment.  It’s also comforting to know that data destruction and secure shredding can be outsourced from other companies which save you the trouble of doing them personally (and probably improperly)

Here are some of the apparent benefits of outsourcing data destruction and secure shredding:

1.  You are guaranteed that highly competent  personnel are handling your data destruction and shredding needs.  You are ensured that everything is wiped out and you end up having a “clean and secure” trash.

2.  You can be certain that all the documents destroyed and data that is sanitized are confidential and will never leave the walls of the company.

3.  You may personally watch the data destruction itself that so you get a good night’s sleep that your data are all secured and your company will not be maligned in any way through ignorant disposal of vital information.

4.  Because employees of the company are the best at what they do, they are a lot more efficient and a lot faster.

5.  You save money because you save precious business time.   A lot of things can be done by your company other than the precarious process of data destruction and sanitization.

Our company offers the best data destruction and sanitization process in the market today. Our processes are up to date and compliant to international standards.  We cater to all your data destruction needs.  We offer this type of data security at a very reasonable price.  You no longer have to worry about “accidental” publication of critical information about your company because we can take care of sanitizing it.  No more sleepless nights wondering if the documents or data storage devices you threw today will come back and hunt you in the future. We are committed to providing you with the best and the most satisfying data destruction services.  your security from blackmail and corporate identity thieves is our top priority.