Computer vs Document Shredder
January 20, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

Every day we hear many instances of identity thefts and fraud around us. It is a shameful thing that the world we are living has such acts prevalent in it. With such thefts becoming more widespread, people have found out ways which will help you protect the important documents and the data which might be confidential to you. Though there are many people who use the computer technology to safely dispose the personal data, yet some people still prefer the traditional method of disposing their confidential data, the paper shredding method.

What is a document shredding?

It is a process of cutting the paper into very small pieces in order to destroy the documents. The most important reason we need to destroy the data is that there is no business organization that does not have secret information and data that needs to be destroyed in order to protect themselves from identity thefts. The most important documents include: credit card receipts, sales receipts, customer lists, payroll records etc. It is just not your responsibility that you take care of your important document, but, it is also your legal obligation.

In a country like the United States especially in city like Melbourne, there are more than 9 million reports of identity thefts registered in a year. Hence it has become more important that we shred the documents properly and protect yourself from such cases. It is also important that we take proper measures to dispose of the financial documents so that we do not fall prey to such deceptions and frauds. According to the US Federal Trade Commission if we follow some protocols and steps, it will be an easy task to protect our documents from getting into the wrong hands. The advancement in technology has just not made our life easier, but there are certain ways it has made it difficult. People are becoming more advanced in hacking and online security breach which makes it all the more important for us to be aware to protect our personal data and information. When you use a recycle bin to delete the file from your computer, the data file does not get deleted from the hard disk of our computers and using some specialized software and programs it is not a hard task to recover the data files.

If you want your data to be private then go for a paper shredding machine which is not only a fast and easy way to get rid of the confidential document but it is also a secure method. If you want your private information to magically vanish, then all you need is a document shredder. There are document shredding companies which will help you do so. If you do not want the world to be poking their noses in your private data then you can also buy a private document shredder. Yet, the more advisable thing will be to let a profession document shredding company do the job. There are two basic advantages of professional paper shredding companies which are, firstly they will recycle the shreds and hence it is an environmental friendly way and secondly it will save you the time of shredding your documents yourself. These companies make sure that all the private information of your business organization is protected.

There are many computer technologies invented which has made it possible to reassemble the shredded documents easily. And hence you need to take proper measures while shredding your documents. According to the National Association for Information Destruction one should always shred the paper document so that the words written on the documents go horizontally inside the shredder.

Today you might find computer software that guarantees your protection against these identity thefts. If you are willing to shed off millions of dollars for such software then it is your entire wish. In spite of spending money on these software people are still facing deceptions as they do not offer you 100 percent protection against the thefts. Even if you lose a small part of your confidential data it can prove to be disastrous for your organization and can cost you your entire fortune. Statistics have proved that weather you buy higher priced software or a lesser priced software, the increase in security is just zero percent. So you will be spending money for no purpose. There is no security software that comes with zero security concerns, there are cons listed on all security software. So software which may protect you from one kind of virus may not be effective for some other kind of virus. Hence a paper shredder is a good option for protecting your data against any theft.

Weather you need to protect your data by document destruction or you wants to protect it by destroying the stored data on hard drives, Saod Secure services is an ultimate destination for you.