Confidential Files – What needs to be Stowed and What needs to be Disposed
January 19, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

We now live in the “Facebook era” and almost everything we do, from bank transfers and paying our bills up to ordering a simple pan of pizza, everything is done online.   A simple click and entry of an account number and you get your cash flowing from one point to another.  As information technology continues to advance and make our lives easier, crime also went at par with these advancements.  Nowadays, robbing a person isn’t always done physically.

Identity theft is a common crime nowadays.  Today, personal and financial security takes on a whole new meaning and approach.  Personal and financial information can easily be compromised.  A simple account number and a leaked password can spell disaster to your security.  A lot of documents contain personal and financial information that when it gets in the wrong and malevolent hands, it could cost you your money or worse, your life.  These documents are often just thrown away and “dump diggers”- those who intentionally search and “dig” trash bins to look for bits of personal and financial information they can hack.  Many have fallen victims to these perpetrators.

How do we prevent these wicked things from happening to us?  A simple solution would be to be mindful of the things we discard.  Some documents need to be destroyed before being disposed.  They need to be  destroyed beyond recognition in order to wipe out any imprints or personal information that you might be easily giving away to dump diggers.  Here are some of the documents that needs to be destroyed.

1.  Financial records – these documents contain account numbers, dates, and transaction numners.  This is like hitting gold when dump digging.  These numbers can easily be accessed online and it’s just a matter of time before someone can hack to your account.

2.  Magnetic media – Data sanitization is a must for any digital media or data storage device.  Storage devices are resilient.  A software also exists that can recover all data from a poorly destroyed hard disk.  Proper data sanitization must be performed before throwing away any data storage devices.

3.  Payroll records – These records also contain account numbers and transaction codes.  It might also have receipt numbers.  As mentioned, these pieces of information can be puzzled together and use it for cyber hacking.  It also contains the paycheck you receive which can be can give a rought estimate of how much your total assets are worth.

4. Legal documents –  These documents may not contain financial infoemation but note that they do contain personal and sometimes updated personal information.

5. Medical records –  These records showcase personal information and worse, your health condition.  If you have a medical problem, it could be used to blackmail you and this could have adverse effects on your job and personal life.

6.  Cancelled checks –  Checks contain information such as your account number, your name, and a possible estimate of your savings.  Sometimes it might contain your signature and it can be used to copy your identity.

7.  Identification cards and Credit Cards –  These cards have it all: your personal information, your blood type, your phone number, immediate family member, your account, and above all else, your photograph (ID).  When these information reaches the wrong hands, then you have a lot of trouble ahead of you.

8.  Junk Mail –  these documents are often ignored.  But, to the knowing eye, these mails may contain correspondence with another person concerning legal or financial status.  It might also contain personal information and stories that you don’t want others to know.  Compromising these facts and figures may lead to a hack or blackmail

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