The Cycle of Life: Paper Recycling
September 29, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

At In Confidence, we do things differently to other confidential document shredders: we recycle. Although the premise of our business starts with destruction, it ends with a new beginning: paper recycling. Read on to see how In Confidence turns your destroyed confidential documentation into re-useable paper products.

paper recycling confidential documents in confidence

Step 1: Shredding Confidential Documentation

At In Confidence, we’re fully committed to doing right by the environment. As a highly accredited shredding company, we work with Planet Ark and other government bodies to ensure that all recyclable waste is recycled.

Step 2: Recycling Documentation

Approximately 95% of all shredded product is recycled, with only highly contaminated, shredded items taken to landfill. We work with All New Paper, a North Melbourne family-owned recycling plant, who recycle all of our shredded documents.

We’re committed to doing everything possible to keep recyclable product out of landfill. By recycling shredded confidential documents, we’re preventing the release of additional methane caused from paper left to decompose in landfill, while simultaneously decreasing the energy and water expended to create paper from raw materials.

Making paper from recycled materials is more environmentally friendly and cost efficient than producing paper from raw materials.

According to Planet Ark, producing paper from recycled materials not only uses 50% less energy and 90% less water, but it also prevents the creation of methane from paper breaking down in landfill.


Step 3: Paper Rebirth

Our recycling partner, All New Paper, recycle approximately 13,000 tonnes of waste paper every year, and is the largest supplier to Australian Paper Maryvale Mill. From here, your recycled confidential documentation is reborn into great Australian products including Reflex Paper, ready to live again as a new confidential document, starting the cycle all over again.


Step 4: Shredding Confidential Documentation

When it comes to shredding confidential documents, In Confidence are the best choice for a highly accredited company doing their utmost to address environmental issues that all Australian companies should endorse. Join us in reducing greenhouse gases by simultaneously minimising paper landfill and decreasing the energy expenditure in paper creation by shredding with In Confidence making the most of paper recycling.