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Electronic Shredding in Melbourne

In Confidence offers a complete range of e-waste destruction services in Melbourne. We destroy your electronic products in a secure environment to protect your privacy and ensure complete destruction of any sensitive information contained within these devices. We offer secure e-waste destruction services on a needs basis or by regularly scheduled pick-ups if required.

Confidential and Secure Electronic Product Destruction

The information contained in phones and computers may be commercially sensitive or extremely personal. To ensure that confidentiality is maintained, our electronic product destruction is conducted in accordance with strict, regulated procedures.

Our services are tailored to ensure complete confidentiality. Electronic waste destruction is conducted entirely in-house by our expert staff and a certificate of destruction is issued after the process is completed.

E-Waste Destruction

In Confidence can destroy a variety of products such as CDs/media, hard drives, computers, clothing, footwear, x-rays, games and other e-waste. In Confidence provides multiple secure product destruction solutions to meet the needs of your business.

For example, the physical process is extremely thorough. We use granulators with screen sizes down to 3mm to meet the highest standard of destruction demands. This means particles are no larger than 3mm, effectively eradicating the physical materials of the electronic goods.

In Confidence ensures that e-waste is responsibly disposed of after destruction. We also provide a green solution to the problem of e-waste disposal after destruction. In most cases, when your e-waste your product is destroyed, it can then be recycled and not place any further strain on our environment.

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If you require more detailed information about electronic waste destruction, confidentiality procedures or related issues, please call us on 1300 765 376. Speak to our experts directly about your needs or fill out our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist and provide any practical guidance regarding confidentiality and security.

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