How a Shred-all Policy Reduces Workplace Time-Wasters
January 19, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

These tasks can keep your workers busy, but how productive are they really being? With a shred-all policy there’s no need to worry or spend time on documents that should already be dealt with within the workplace. There will be more time for businesses to carry out duties that have far more significance, in contrast to disposing last year’s customer invoices.

In a recent 2013 survey conducted by regarding the topic of “Wasting Time at Work”, 69% of surveyors stated that 13% of their day at work is spent wasted on unproductive tasks such as sorting and destroying old documents. Furthermore, this 13% builds up to 91% in a week. With almost one full day wasted.

Environmental Friendly

Implementing a shred-all policy in your business provides benefit to the environment. All remains from shredding are recycled, so they can be reused, creating a sustainable environment. The documents are securely shredded first so there is no worry about your information being leaked once the paper is reused.

Decreased Risk of Security Breaches

Security Breaches are of high risk when sensitive business information is leaked to the public through documents. When these documents are securely destroyed, it decreases this risk of exposure. A document destruction company is the most effective and efficient solution to ensuring your information remains private. By sending documents to a company that implements a shred-all policy; you are potentially saving your business from the devastating loss of thousands of dollars.

Employees shouldn’t be Responsible

Sensitive information that is released to your business can negatively impact it significantly. Without a shred-all policy, your employees will be responsible to decide which information is sensitive and which is not. This could lead to many errors in decision making and result in a security breach.

InConfidence is a company that stands by a shred-all policy when destroying documents. Save your business productivity and security breach risk with an environmentally friendly solution today.