How Does the Document Destruction Process Work?
January 19, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

It is important for a business to have a secured way of destroying sensitive and confidential documents. Your customers are entrusting their important details about them on you. Therefore, you must secure proper document destruction to avoid fraud, identity theft and further problems caused by improper document disposal. Finding a destruction company must be properly done as you will be entrusting them with important documents. You must find a reputable and reliable company that conducts security shredding which has the intention of protecting the clients’ important documents, products and other materials.

Before hiring a document destruction company, you must be aware of their method. The most common document destruction comes into two options, which include:

On-Site Document Destruction

This document destruction process is best for those who want to witness the destruction of their documents. It is preferred by most company because the shredding machine comes directly to their place to perform the job and leaves the company with completely destructed materials. The process will give you assurance wherein, employees will drop the documents to be shredded on the trash bin provided by the shredding company which will be shredded on mobile truck. The idea of this process is created for immediate document and material destruction.

Choose on-site document destruction if you want to see the materials destroyed before it leaves your company premises. This is the best way to protect the confidential documents you are discarding. Depending on the company you hired, the task will be performed by trained destruction specialists and operators. Since the process is done at the mobile, employees that have clean background should handle it. Once done, all shredded materials or documents will be sent to recycling factory and must issue a certificate of destruction before leaving.

Off-Site Document Destruction

Unlike the other destruction process, off-site requires your document to be delivered on the shredding company’s destruction facility. But like the on-site process, you will be supplied with secured trash bin where you will put all the documents for destruction. The company will pick-up the trash bin which they will be delivered on their facility to perform shredding. After completing the job, a certificate of destruction will be issued with date and time the documents were destroyed. For environmental concern, all tiny pieces will be delivered to recycling factory like paper mills.

You may think that off-site destruction is not as safe as on-site destruction, well it’s not. Reputable companies provide secured shredding premises to give you the assurance on how their service works. Privacy and security remains the same. Also, off-site shredding is recommended for large documents or materials that needs to be shredded at once. Shredding companies have small machine on their truck that can only handle small number of papers.

Whichever process you would like to settle, choosing the right company must be considered first. You can search online for shredding company or get a recommendation from trusted contacts. Before choosing, it is important to do some background checks to see how well they work for the past months or years. Reputation is important to protect your company’s reputation as well. Remember that your customers entrusted their confidential details on your company, therefore, you must secure a shredding company that can secure their documents from picking up on your company up to delivering to the recycling facility.

Inconfidence provides both on-site and off-site document destruction with the assurance of the same privacy and security for all your documents. They have a reputable company background, employees with clean background, secure premises and ends up with uncoverable and recyclable and environment friendly materials.