Human Error Issues in the Workplace: Ways to Cut Down on It
January 19, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

When an accident in the workplace occurs, it can hurt not only the employee who caused it but the entire company. But, what if these errors can be reduced by simply ensuring that employees are informed and the working environment is properly set-up.  An employee doesn’t have to purposely cause security breaches, accidents happen every day, some with more serious consequences than others.

It is mandatory to educate your employees, so they understand the high risk of their negligent actions. Behavior in the workplace needs to be regularly monitored to ensure safe practices are being taken, and that all types of errors are identified and removed.

Common Workplace Human Errors

You need to place a great deal of priority on your security procedures and highly stress the importance to your employees. Ensure the most common human errors are not present in your business.


With a stressful workday, there are plenty of occasions your employees will start to joke around with each other. Serious medical injuries are at high risk to co-workers that are not being serious about their work. Even verbal horseplay can lead to upset employees and an unsafe workplace. This will cost your business with unnecessary funds paying worker’s compensation.

Improper Training

Sometimes human errors occur as employees are not receiving the proper training in order to be safe in their workplace. Complicated procedures, machinery, and safety precautions should be carefully explained to all employees; otherwise it becomes the employers fault.


When an employee is not fully rested, that can cause him/ her to not work to their full potential. This poses security threats to both of them and other employees present. Basic safety rules can be ignored when the work isn’t given the individual’s full attention.

Ignoring the Details

A very common workplace error is inattention to details. When an employee is confident in their skills on the job, they will start to speed up their process and pay less attention to details. This sets the way for accidental events such as injuries, exposing information to criminals, miscalculating expenses, billing wrong customers, etc.

Excessive Emotions

Everyone has a breaking point, and co-workers as well as customers can often push the boundaries of your employees. Workplace violence occurs often and can endanger the safety of every individual present at the time. Off work problems, stress, and emotions can take control of your employees causing them to act out and ignore important safety rules.

Ways to Cut Down on Human Error

Create the right work place culture that minimizes the feeding ground for workplace human errors and common mistakes.

  • Give consequences to errors so that employees will realize the weight of the subject
  • Provide regular training on how to effectively deal with mistakes and reduce them
  • Follow a strict hiring process for all of your employees
  • Encourage employees to leave feedback on the behavior of other employees
  • Arrange regular safety audits and reviews in your workplace
  • Provide adequate technological resources to your employees