Key Benefits of Professional Document Shredding
January 19, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

Shredding is something that is assumed to be used only by the big companies. Shredding ensures that the any information about the company or employee has is not misused by anyone else. A perpetual myth is that only big companies should use shredders since their scale of operations is big. Sadly even the home workers do not use this service which leads to their information being misused by other people.

Shredding in your own company or house is a great step towards documentation management but it is not offering the same protection to your organization as a professional shredding service.

The first and foremost benefit of Professional Document Shredding is that it is cost efficient. The small in house shredders that we use in a company are okay to use only as long as the shredding is occasional. Moreover they are not built in a way to shred through clips or staples. The papers are put in the machine along with staples anyway which causes the machine to jam. To get another one, you have to pay a replacement fee. Instead it is better to invest in a professional shredder which is secure and efficient.

The second benefit is that it increases productivity of employees. Shredding takes the attention away of employees from the actual work that they are supposed to do. When piles of paper stack up, shredding is no longer a minute’s job, it takes a whole afternoon! The professional or outsources shredding will shred everything in a minute, allowing employees to focus on their work.

Thirdly, professional shredding ensures efficient document management. There are many risks that come with your own shredding. If you don’t have a employee who looks after the internal shredding, the documents can be mismanaged. Also, it is a huge burden on that employee who looks after this because the company’s security lies with this person. Here, allowing a professional to manage all this through a shredding program keeps the security of the company up.

These professional shredding companies also ensure that the documents are shredded in such small pieces that there is no possibility of anyone to even try to pry through the documents. They have special staff to ensure this. The staff goes through a training process where they are trained about the importance of security and confidentiality of these documents.

For any company, there is a legal protection involved which states that the company is liable to safeguard the confidential information about its clients and customers. Many outsourced professional shredding companies offer a certificate of destruction which gives a security to the company as well as its clients and customers that their information is in safe hands.

One of the key features of these professional shredders is that they give a lot of environmental perks to the company. For any company, its carbon footprint in the environment is a huge cause of concern. These professional shredders, after shredding the document, recycle this paper which can be then used by the company itself or the environment to reduce the carbon footprint. This helps a company in the long way to be as eco-friendly as possible!

A new and professional way of shredding documents which saves a lot of time too are these big shredding trucks called shred-a-thons. These trucks can be called at your workplace and they shred all boxes of papers in front of you in minutes. Many banks now sponsor these types of trucks. So if you have a lot of paper collected, call these trucks and shred all of them right away. They will ensure that your paper is shredded in the right way in front of you.

Another interesting tool for data destruction is the mobile service which is fast and cheap. This mobile service sends in people to your company with specialized devices that come and shred all your data. You can even choose to witness this whole process yourself when the specialized people come in. Before these specialized people come in, the documents have to be stored in a secure place which this service helps the company with.

Similarly, households can also benefit from these professional shredding services so that they can ensure that their private information is not leaked out to anyone. The households especially with offices can try using the mobile app too!

One of the major problems that companies and households face today is identity theft and a shredder at home is just not enough. Identity thieves have an eye for any small information that they can get out of a company, their bank details, account information, personal information or even their strategies and plans for the company. Professional shredders would ensure that the company of the household’s security is in safe hands and give them peace of mind.

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