Product destruction
April 3, 2017
Posted by JD Stride

Businesses of all types and sizes may need to destroy their products for various reasons. Premium fashion labels that over produce a product which doesn’t sell in the market will often opt to destroy the excess stock, rather than discount it to maintain the integrity of brand. Likewise, if a faulty product has been made, it is often safer to destroy it rather than risk it getting into the wrong hands and causing harm to individuals and ultimately the brand.

Simply discarding your products is often not enough. The act of disposing your products implies that the items are not valuable to you, therefore your ownership or right to them is no longer deemed valid. Destroying the products is the most secure way to keep your private property, private.

Once companies have identified a need to destroy a product, the next question is who to trust for the job. It’s generally not sufficient to complete the destruction in- house. There is a risk that the items won’t be completely destroyed and salvageable at a later date, or that the destruction process might have considerable risk and put individuals in danger.

If you don’t want your brand or confidential information to be compromised, make sure to destroy your products with a company you can trust. At InConfidence, we destroy products for world renowned companies. No matter your company size or profile, we are committed to providing a high quality and secure destruction process to protect your business.