Professional Document Shredding Ensures Your Business Security
January 20, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

We are sure you’ve all been aware of cases of identity theft, and are aware of how important it is to keep your confidential documents secure. Oh I am sure they’ve been stealing your night’s sleep.  But have you ever paid enough heed to the fact that as much as the documents need to be secured, they also need to be destroyed once the intended use is done with? You sure need a mobile document shredder to ensure that documents that need to be hidden from all sets of eyes around are destroyed from in within your office and there is no risk of exposing them to people they have to remain concealed from. You shred and damage the documents in a manner that no one really can be sure of what those documents ever meant. For maybe choosing to keep the papers away from the prying eyes in office might lead you to go elsewhere where the papers are in potential danger.

A basic etiquette of work is to maintain secrecy with what is not meant to be disclosed. All confidential information, if exposed to prying eyes or wrong hands can cause irreversible damage which I am sure you are well aware of. There have been cases too many where such classified information when leaked has been a cause of broken marriages, broken families and also stand as an obstacle to the goal or standard of commerce you have been waiting to achieve for your workplace. I agree that if at all the information gets divulged it would be not in your intention but clearly a slip of mind that would cause the damage, but this slight mistake might cost to you your entire reputation and integrity of your business. Many a business have had to shut down in the past due to losing confidence of the client in case confidential information lands up in damaging minds and hands. I am sure you want to stay clear of taking huge risks like these by slipping up on basic requirements necessary to protect these documents or information properly from prying eyes. You need to have in mind a proper plan and a proper device to handle efficient destroying of these documents in front of your eyes so that you’ve to rely on no one else for keeping confidential information secure.

You might want to test your chances by throwing the file out of your window and assuming that no one will care of what is in it, but then chances have consequences and often many times they are harsh ones. I’d suggest you rather take the necessary precautions and be sure that the information is damaged and destroyed in a manner that the recovery of information is impossible. You might want to be sure that the information is secure and once it has been circulated through designated authorities it is well destroyed to make sure there is no hampering its privacy. You can destroy entire archives in as little time as you’d take managing to tear only a few sheets of paper manually. Mobile shredders are the concept of trucks coming at your doorstep and you destroy the entire documentation in front of your eyes to unrecognisable form before the truck leaves. There is no chance of anybody recovering the information once shredded in any form. The secrets will remain secrets and you do not have to leave office trying to hide those files from those who are not supposed to see what’s in there. So what happens in office remains in office and is destroyed there too. Pretty much literally.

So where’s the delay, we at InConfidence make sure what you tell us in confidence, remains with us in full confidence.