Secure Document Shredding Helps Prevent Identity Theft
January 20, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

Every business owner’s and business establishments are at risk for all kinds of bad elements. These people are always on the look out when they will have a chance to get into your office to get important information they want from you. Without knowing it, these bad elements have already in their possession the information that they want from you and your business. A million dollar question like “how did they do it?” or “where did they get this information?” would somehow play in your mind. The fact that you personally attend to your business needs and transaction makes it impossible why some people had already the information they want from you and your business. Well, one answer could be that an identity theft has already safely secured some of the documents that you have discarded and has confidently placed in the garbage can. Since the documents that you have placed in the garbage can is still intact, anybody who will have a chance to get it can still read its contents clearly.

As you run the business, whether you own it or you’re in charge of the records and important documents of the whole business, you will also be responsible for safekeeping and securing the confidentiality of the records. As you try your best to secure the documents it is important for you to be aware of the identity thieves who are just lurking around waiting for their chance to do some unwanted miracles. It is then important for you to always be alert and cautious. As part of your precautionary measure, you have to use a secure document shredding which can shred off and destroy the contents of the documents that you would like to discard. This will make the identity thief a run for their life because as they see your documents totally shredded, they will never have a chance to get their hands on the information they want from you. Stealing documents is an easy way used by an identity thief to get the information they need to open a new credit account, get loans, issue checks and just do anything that can make them live comfortably using your name and damaging your good reputation in the end.

Businesses who record important information on paper documents should use a secure document shredding system that will protect private information after that said documents are no longer needed. Aside from using a secure document shredding you can also use the following tips to prevent identity thief in intruding your business privacy. Some of these tips are:

  1. You should have a document destruction policy within the company which all the employees should know. You have to identify the documents that should be saved and the documents that should be discarded.
  2. Before placing some documents in a recycle bin, you should shred the documents first to totally erase vital information.
  3. Hire the services of a reliable and competent professional document shredding service. By doing so you can check each document destruction company through the internet to check on its reputation. A reputable company has many positive feedbacks and reviews. They also have many customers who have shown their satisfaction from the services given to them by the company. The company should be licensed to operate and perform their duties to their customers. They should also issue a Certificate of Destruction to confirm that they securely shred your sensitive documents.
  4. You should also check and investigate the reputation of your employees, their loyalty to the company and their willingness to help safeguard the welfare of the company.