Have a Security Risk Checklist for Home and Business
April 10, 2018
Posted by JD Stride

Your Ultimate Security Checklist for Home and Business

Are you worried about protecting your personal and business information? It can be hard to know where to start. Whether you’re looking to secure your home or your workplace, we’ve got the tips you need to get sorted. Keep reading for the ultimate security checklist to keep your information safe and secure.



Check what documents you have lying around the house and be strict about what you need to keep and what can be disposed of. You should be particularly careful of any old photocopies of passports or other cards. Dispose of unwanted documents by shredding them, and make sure the rest are stored in a safe and secure place.


It’s important to put passwords on your computer and phone even if you mostly use them in your home. You never know who could stumble across something that they shouldn’t! Also check what security software you have installed and update those programs if necessary.


It’s time to revamp your passwords! It’s important to change these regularly to maintain security. Be creative and choose strong passwords based on a memorable phrase or word. Make sure you’re using different passwords for each account. We also recommend checking your browser settings and making sure that it’s not auto-filling passwords for you – this leaves your computer like an open book.




Are you storing your sensitive documents in a locked, secure place? This is the first step to ensuring the security of your workplace. Only keep the hard copies of documents that are really necessary. Then, evaluate the document destruction needs of your company. Consider arranging a regular pick-up of documents for shredding or call your local document destruction company for a big yearly clean out.


There’s so many layers to online security in a business that it’s important to review your security often. Check to make sure that any sensitive documents or information stored online is only accessible by the appropriate person. Ensure the office Is regularly changing passwords and that you’re deleting old information when you no longer need it.

If you’re ever disposing of any old devices, ensure you take security into account. Either make sure the information is completely wiped from its memory before disposing of the device or hire a professional company to destroy the device for you. That way, nothing will fall into the wrong hands.


All your hard work is for nothing unless your employees know and understand your security policy and how it relates to them. Make sure everyone’s on the same page about what documents to keep, what to destroy and who to report to. Also ensure that they take online security safely when it comes to passwords and accessing private information from home.

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