The Benefits of Securely Destroying Used Hard Drives
January 19, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

The hard drives associated with your business may contain sensitive information that is best kept hidden from the public to avoid data breaches. Getting rid of old hard drives is essential in introducing information safety management in your business, and letting your employees realize that all information is to be handled with care.

When deciding to destroy old hard drives, the securest way to take action is by hiring a professional company that specializes in the proper destruction of information. While eliminating the drives yourself may seem easier, it is not the most effective route to take as the information could be retrieved or backed-up at a later date.


Information on an erased, damaged, or thrown away hard drive can still be retrieved from criminals. 92.4% of information on drives that have been wiped is still recoverable by a trained criminal.

Saves Money

There are heavy fines every year that result in businesses not properly disposing of their important information. These fines can be avoided by sending your hard drives to a destruction company. The average cost per record of data breached is a rising number. Multiply that number by the total number of lost records (the average is from 2,000 to 9,000 records) and your business is losing hundreds or even thousands of unnecessary dollars with each data security breach.

Clears Storage

You may find yourself holding on to many hard drives that are creating a mess in your workplace. The destruction of these hard drives in house can become time consuming. To clear room for a more productive workspace while saving time for important business tasks, a document and hard drive destruction company can efficiently eliminate hard drives for your business.

Peace of Mind

The appropriate removal of devices with your sensitive information can present you with peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about being high risk for costly data breaches, and you can trust your employee’s behavior now that the information is out of their hands.  For maximum peace of mind, it is best to hire a reliable, trusted, and quality company to destroy your hard drives.

Follows the Law Accordingly

Professional information destruction companies are fully knowledgeable about the laws relating to ridding the public of sensitive business information. These companies will always follow these laws carefully to ensure your business is protected from fines and other consequences following misuse. When there is no longer a need for the information on the hard drive, the law states that it is mandatory to appropriately dispose of the drive. Laws apply to information that is stored both electronically and on paper.

Fully Removes All Data

Document destruction companies ensure that all 100% of data is removed from hard drives. None of this data will be retrievable after the drive has been destroyed. This ensures that no trace of information left can be found, even with the most technologically advanced systems.

InConfidence understands the benefits and importance in the elimination of used hard drives and is more than able to assist you accordingly.