What Every Business Needs to Know about Information Security
January 19, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

Every business, no matter how small, should always be conscious about information security. It is especially important if you are looking to scale your business, or introduce new processes, employees, and sensitive information.

While the internet and networks is highly beneficial to business marketing, it also is one method that exposes businesses to many online hackers, thieves, or scams. Most businesses have yet to set up sufficient information security procedures in their workplace. Small businesses are the general target to most attackers.

With incidents in data breaches increasing every year, safeguarding your business needs to become an integral part of your weekly routines.

Criminals are Highly Intelligent

Some online criminals that are trying to steal your information usually are more knowledgeable in the I.T area than you are. You need to be actively aware that at any time an attack can happen and you must have received sufficient preparation. Some thieves’ expertise in this area and use sophisticated methods in order to enter into your networks.

Information Thievery is Common

Many businesses think that an attack on their business is rare, and therefore neglect the idea of information security. The results of a data breach can be devastating, leaving some companies bankrupt and in a position where closing down in inevitable. It is time to rethink the significance of attacks and their consequences, as in actuality it can happen to anyone at anytime.

Negligence is the Culprit

Neglectful employees can be the reason for your next data breach. Employees sometimes hand over sensitive business information to strangers via email, social media, or other communication outlets without knowing its purpose. You, your employees, or your customers can misfortunately lose documents or portable devices that can contain your company information at home or in public areas.

Helpful Tips

Information Security is a priority in your business and precautions should always be taken when handling sensitive information.

Safely Destroy Documents

Holding on to documents that are no longer needed can expose your sensitive business information to public criminals. Safely and effectively destroy any documents that are lying around such as bank statements, tax information, employee paystubs, bank loan applications etc.

Educate New Employees

Every time you hire a new employee, it is best to educate them on the practices you take to protect your data. Teach them the importance of how to properly handle important documents, and what to do if there’s any reason to believe data has been leaked. An ill-informed employee poses a serious threat to your business and is one of the main reasons data breaches take place. Require your employees to comply with all of your safety procedures and stress the consequences of not following them.

Install Anti-Malware

One of the most popular ways for a criminal to steal information over a network is by malware. Invest in reliable and quality malware removal software and a high quality firewall program to install on every computer that may be connected to your business.

InConfidence knows the importance of information security and would be more than happy to help keep your business protected from public criminals.