Security Shredding vs Recycling: What’s the Difference?
December 3, 2015
Posted by JD Stride

“To shred or not to shred: That is the question”. This question now illustrates the dilemma in the minds of the majority of Mangers and CEOs. They have to consider requirements through government regulations which require that firms and companies dealing with user data need to cater for the possibility of information leakage through office waste material like: documents, papers etc.

The cost of such an operation is also hovering at the back of their minds. An expensive process would impact bottom line figures. As if that was not enough, another issue which daunts the minds of business owner’s is that if we go for shredding all the materials, then what will happen to all that useful material going to waste.

If shredding comes as an idea, then the credibility of the people performing the jobs is a big factor and presents as a concerning issue. A magical solution does not exist but tailor made and requirement specific solutions do exist. Our company, In Confidence, offers you custom made most secured and safest shredding solutions for your needs.

People often confuse recycling with shredding and use the terms interchangeably. It should be noted that shredding is the destruction of files, documents or products which contain sensitive information.  This ensures that the information cannot be retrieved by unwanted parties. On the other hand, recycling is the operation of extracting useful materials from the products (papers and documents) for reuse to make other useful stuff.

Leaked corporate information can be both dangerous and risky. It can result in a huge PR catastrophe.  Negligence of one document can deface the image of the whole company. Moreover, it can result in clients suing your company for malpractices in the form of fine payments; which may amount to a couple of million dollars. Adopting a failsafe shredding methodology is the way to go about it. You need to hire a firm with professional practices and complete accountability of the materials to carry out the job for you.


Here at In Confidence, we not only offer shredding solutions but also cater for recycling of those materials. Here is how we go about the business. Our representatives collect the waste material from your offices with proper documentation. It is pertinent to note here that we have in house shredding facilities.  This means that your important and confidential material would never leave the site before getting shredded. A proper chain of custody is maintained even after the material is destroyed for legal and quality assurance purposes. Once the material is shredded on-site, it is then transported to our recycling centers where we leech out all the re-usable materials using the state of the art machinery and techniques.

We at In Confidence offer completely safe and efficient solution at the most competitive price. If you are looking to shred your documents, files or products in most Secure and Confidential manner and at the same time want to “Go Green” then In Confidence is here to help. Get in touch with us today to know how we can help.