Paper Recycling- The benefits to the environment
January 20, 2016
Posted by JD Stride

We see paper all around our environment, and it comes in different sizes, shapes and textures. Hence, there’s no doubt that paper indeed, constitutes the greater part of the total garbage collected every day. Because of this, a method of solving the garbage problem brought about by the large volume of waste papers in the garbage was introduced. Recycling the waste paper was then recommended. Waste Paper recycling is then important because paper constitutes about 35% of all the trash.

The paper recycling station was then put up. The paper recycling station is the place where the waste paper recycling process is made. The waste paper here is recycled and is made into a new paper and other paper products. Paper recycling is important because it can help reduce the volume of paper waste or garbage collected every day.

If all of us can develop the habit of putting our trash or waste in the recycle bin, we would be hitting two birds with one stone because aside from recycling the waste paper into a new paper, we will also be able to help save our environment from the problems brought about by garbage.

People should be made aware of the benefits that recycling the paper can do. They should also be encouraged to use a recycling bin where they can place all the waste or trash that can easily be recycled as raw materials. This holds true in the office, school and everywhere. A recycling bin should be placed in places where people can easily place their garbage. For instance, a recycling bin should be placed beside every desk considering that a large volume of paper waste can be collected in every office. Janitorial services are also encouraged to use a Rubbermaid Waste Receptacles.

One of the benefits that we can get from recycling the papers is that it saves us the burden of manufacturing papers always. Manufacturing paper is not an easy process. It is also an expensive process. For instance, manufacturing paper takes about 90% wood compared to making furniture which only uses about 10% to 60% wood. Paper manufacturing also uses a lot of water and energy. Hence, recycling waste paper can give a lot of savings. On the other hand, recycling the paper can also help us maintain a healthy environment because manufacturing paper uses chemicals like limestone, sulfur and bleach. The byproducts of these chemicals are harmful to the environment if it is not properly disposed. Proper disposal of waste from the chemicals used should always be observed. This way, we are always assured to have a healthy and safe environment.

Other benefits or advantages of recycling a one ton of waste papers are:

  1. It can save about 17 trees from being cut and turned into wood pulp
  2. It can help save about 350 pounds of limestone and 275 pounds of sulfur, which are used in manufacturing paper.
  3. It can save about 60,000 liters of water
  4. Savings of about 225KW hours of electricity
  5. It can help save landfill space of 3.3 cubic yards
  6. It can prevent the release of greenhouse gases. It is also referred to as methane, which is released when the paper starts to decompose. The greenhouse gas, can lead to climate change.

Recycling waste paper can also prevent air and water pollution which is harmful to our environment. More so, the air and water pollution can also be detrimental to the health of the people because the air that we breathe and the water that we drink will most likely are contaminated by the pollution.